"GAEA and Rotary Clubs make history and put green energy on the map!"

Mission for the future: to educate about the importance of sustainability and "going green" with alternative energy and much more. ROI: see how your own SMALL efforts = BIG results!

Events 2015

2015: Strong Community, Vital Education
What possibilities will 2015 bring for GAEA?

Stay tuned!

Touring America for Energy Independence Cross Country Tour 2014
Coast to coast = 74 cities in all, brought together clubs and communities and created alliances to refine and define our goals and the future of the project.

Green Your Vehicle

Go Green with the Same Machine
Some amazing advances in emissions reduction and increased fuel economy and horsepower are being developed  and deployed on fleet vehicles across the globe.  GAEA is proud to be involved with the exciting R&D of this new technology.

Green Your Grid

Power with Purpose
Renewable and
Solar Energy
options for your home or business